The Packs

The Packs

To simplify things we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. Take a good look around and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Q: What kind of wines will be featured?

Morevino is all about discovery and adventure. You can expect delicious wines from small producers from across Australia (and beyond), grape varieties you’ve never heard of, wine styles that range from classical to kooky – wines you won’t find in a bottle shop.

Q: Which pack do I choose?

Argghhhhh decisions – it’s all too overwhelming!

Well we’ve made this decision pretty easy for you. We select the wines for the packs - all you have to decide is how many and what colour. Discovering and drinking awesome wines really couldn’t be any easier.

The wine styles, grape varieties and regions of origin will vary with each release, depending on the theme. We think this gives you the greatest opportunity to try all sorts of different wines and to drink outside the box!


Q: There are some wines I really don’t like – can I make up my own pack?

Of course you can choose between red, white and mixed but that's where your responsibilities end and the excitement begins! Morevino is all about wine adventures and discoveries – there’s a whole lot going on in this big world of wine and we want to share it with you. We encourage you to be open to wine styles that you may not have loved previously, and to varieties and producers you may have never heard of. It may seem like an exercise in trust and it is, but not in a lame team-building “fall into our outstretched arms and hope we don’t drop you” way. We’re more like that one friend you always hit up for good wine suggestions, except now you don’t even have to go out and find them!


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